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We make your company fly - with Payback.

As we come from the aviation industry, and as commercial pilots we understand the principles of flying with management success, we are committed to sharing the following principles of our DNA with you:


Minimal error rate

Immediate decision making

Balance under pressure

Clear communication

Precise checklists

Customised solutions

Unique business network

Wingman in business

Seriousness and discretion



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Our journey to success begins with a clear initiation, a precise starting point for your company. Like experienced pilots, we see our role as carefully analysing, tailoring offers and creating a solid foundation for a smooth flight.


The start of your luxurious corporate journey is boarding. We welcome you and take you on a unique flight. Our kick-off meeting is the starting point where we shape your personal backlog. Together we analyse goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks with a SWOT analysis - comparable to taking off into the air.


Just as every aeroplane has an inner driving force, we shape your backlog and use the documents you provide. Our motivation is to get the most out of your project while preserving the authenticity of your company. Our solution-orientated

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Antonio Cristofaro

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